Central bank data: 129 billion 500 million mobile payment in rural areas last year

In 2017, the non bank payment agencies provided a total of 141 billion 782 million Internet payment services for rural areas, with an amount of 45 trillion yuan.

According to the people's Daily reported in May 2nd, the data issued by the people's Bank of China showed that by the end of 2017, there were 126 thousand and 100 bank outlets in rural areas, 1.3 bank outlets per 10000 people, 55.99 County bank outlets, 3.93 Township bank outlets and 0.24 village bank outlets.

In banking institutions, the number of account opening accounts for bank accounts continues to grow steadily; the number of bank cards has continued to grow but the growth rate has slowed down; the payment of electronic banks has marked a distinct differentiation, the rapid growth of mobile banks, the flat payment of the net silver, and the obvious shrinking of the telephone bank payment business.

It is worth noting that in rural areas, mobile payment business occupies an absolute advantage. In 2017, the non bank payment institutions provided 141 billion 782 million lines of network payment services for rural areas, with a total amount of 45 trillion yuan; of which, the Internet payment was 12 billion 273 million, 2 trillion and 100 billion yuan, a single sum of 171.11 yuan, 129 billion 509 million mobile payments, 42 trillion and 900 billion yuan, and 331.25 yuan a single sum.